A new book from author Steven Youngblood and Unlimited Publishing LLC:

Professor Komagum:
Teaching peace journalism and battling insanity in Uganda

Komagum (co-muh-GOOM)—
From the Acholi, a language spoken in Northern Uganda—
Def. 1. Lucky, Fortunate.

Six orphans and their rescuer, Betty (top right)
Travel to Uganda, the Pearl of Africa, with journalist/educator Steven Youngblood, whose incredible 11 month odyssey will leave you laughing and misty-eyed. In his new book Professor Komagum, you’ll learn about peace journalism, and the role of media in preventing conflicts. You’ll also read about some of Youngblood’s colorful misadventures in Uganda eating insects, ducking swooping bats, and dodging testy rhinos. Professor Komagum also tells two poignant stories--one of six Ugandan orphans abandoned in a rural purgatory; the other of a terrifying terrorist bombing. Professor Komagum is a fascinating, hilarious, touching, and thought-provoking journey through East Africa and into the human spirit.
These are the first two paragraphs from the new book Professor Komagum, which will be released tentatively in late in 2012:

"It wasn’t the first time that Phillip hit Harriet, but it would be the last.

At Sipi Falls
Phillip, Harriet, and their six children ages 5-14 lived in rural Kyenjojo district, about a 45 minute drive from Fort Portal in western Uganda. To call their place isolated would be an understatement—you turn off of the main Kampala-Fort Portal highway, drive a few miles down a dusty, rutted dirt road, then park and set out on foot. On a cool day, the hike over bucolic hills and around banana groves might take 20 minutes, but on a hot, sunny day like the one when we visited, the stroll is closer to 25 minutes."

Lake Bunyoni
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You can also follow Professor Komagum on Twitter @ProfKomagum , and author Steven Youngblood on his Peace Journalism blog, at the Center for Global Peace Journalism, and on Twitter @PeaceJourn .